Soon to be husband and wife, our story started when we met back in 2012 at school. We knew it was true love early on but in 2015 we were tested when Nick was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, we came out the strongest couple. Currently living in Kent, South East England in the country side. A beautiful place which inspires us daily mixed with our passion for romance drives us to tell other couples amazing stories.

Nick has always had a passion for videography & photography but our joint passion came when we got engaged, we decided that it would be fun to document our whole holiday in Austria. Little did Catherine know that it would end in a long time coming proposal, we are both so glad that we decided to as it is a very special moment that we have captured and can look back on for years to come. Which also sparked our videography team! 

We absolutely love going together to couples weddings and having the privilege of filming the most important special day of their lives. Being able to help you share your stories is the least we can do!



Our Team

We really hope that if you choose us to capture your day that you will love the film and enjoy it for many years to come with all your family.


Nick Rix

Lead Filmmaker / Storyteller


Catherine Alexander

Creative Director / Storyteller


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